Needs Assessment

What Should A 'Needs Assessment' Consider?


 There are many things to take into consideration when deciding how many and to what level each First Aider needs to ideally be trained.

These can include:

  • The size and location of your organisation.
  • Do you have multiple sites.
  • Are the levels of risk the same at all of these sites?
  • The nature of your work.
  • Have you identified specific risks of accidents or injuries?
  • Do you have 'Lone Workers' or those that have to work in remote locations?
  • What hours of work need covering - Daytime, evening, nights, weekends, etc.
  • Who is at risk - Adults (Staff/Visitors only) or Adults (Staff, Visitors, Children)
  • Do any of the Staff, Visitors and/or Children have pre-existing medical conditions/requirements?

Please look at our "Course Information" section to help you choose the most appropriate course that meets your requirements,

You should also consider having designated first aiders for employees:

  •  Mental Well-Being; which would cover First Aid for Mental Health.
  • Safeguarding.