Your Safety is our priority

We have set up our training facility to comply with the Social Distancing/2 Meters regulations.

Our classes consist of a maximum of six students until further notice.

Please be mindful of the huge efforts we make to ensure that our training centre is as clean & sterile as it can be before our guests arrive. Our requests may seem intense, but are in place for your, and our own safety at all times.

Please only bring the basics that you are going to need whilst you are with us.

We have individual bottles of water, various squashes, tea & coffee (normal/decaf) and hot chocolate available.

This area must be used on a one at a time basis.

As always, we provide everyone with their own student manual, new note pad & pen, all of which we ask to be taken home on completion.

When You Arrive 

We respectfully ask that everyone adheres to the Social Distancing process.

We ask that everyone is patient upon arrival in order to allow us to follow our COVID 19 Arrival Procedures.

You will be invited in one at a time.

  • We will provide sanitising hand gel on entry.
  • We will be wearing a face mask & nitrile gloves to take and record your temperature.
  • We will refuse entry if you are 37.8C or higher, or you are displaying any symptoms related to COVID 19
  • We will need everyone to individually complete one of our Track & Trace forms. All data on the form is necessary & is fully protected by our GDPR policy.
  • We will ask you to then wash your hands and put on a blue/white disposable mask and take a seat.
  • Once everyone has followed the same procedure and is seated, the instructor will authorise the removal of the face masks.
  • You are welcome to bring and use your own appropriate face covering.

You will be regularly encouraged to wash your hands.

We will be regularly sanitise surfaces, handles, switches etc.

Doors will remain open to allow fresh air to circulate.

  • Face masks are to be used if you are moving around where 2 meters distance may not be possible. Common sense must prevail.
  • We have boxes of tissues everywhere. Any tissues that are used must be disposed of immediately in one of the many "Hands Free" bins supplied, then either sanitise or wash your hands.
  • No one should touch their nose, mouth or eyes, unless they have washed or sanitised their hands first.

During Training

  • Where, in the past, we have encouraged all students to work in pairs, that is obviously no longer permitted at this time.
  • We have been provided with clear guidance from our Awarding Organisation (Qualsafe Awards) regarding Acceptable Reasonable Adjustments to the way we teach and assess all of the vital skills required to qualify. Anyone can request to see this guidance information at any time whilst with us.
  • A full brief will be given prior to each element and debrief after, to ensure understanding.
  • Regarding CPR Training - we still teach to the current standards. We hold enough equipment in house, with no need to share.
  • A full briefing about the cleaning of our equipment will be given initially, then you will be expected to use the supplied antibacterial wipes before and after you handle each piece of equipment.
  • You will be instructed to either sanitise or wash your hands before and after every practical exercise.
  • We have disposable "Nitrile" gloves available, which anyone can use as an extra safety precaution if they wish to do so.

At break times 

  • Social Distancing must be maintained. Your instructor will give clear information as to who should move and when. Once again, common sense and courtesy should be given to your peers!
  • We will carry out "Mini Tidy Ups & Sanitising", we do not want you to wash up etc we will do this.

Once you leave at the end of your course

  • All of the manikins used will be stripped down, thoroughly cleaned, New Lung Fitted following our strict policies & procedures.
  • All the other equipment will be washed & sanitised.
  • All of the bins will be emptied, washed, sanitised and new bags used.
  • All surfaces, Chairs, Tables, Switches etc will be hot soapy washed then sanitised.